Asilo in Europa pursues its objectives by performing three types of activities:

  • Country of origin information (COI);
  • Research on case-law and legislation;
  • Training and public events.

Country of Origin Information

AiE is the only organisation that publishes freely accessible Country of Origin Information in Italian to support the work of Italian practitioners and lawyers. This activity originally started in the framework of a collaboration with the Emilia-Romagna Regional Authority but it is now carried out independently by the association.

Upon request, AiE carries out COI research by providing periodic update reports or comprehensive answers to specific queries.

Research on legislation and case-law

In the section Giurisprudenza e Normativa it is possible to consult concise analyses of EU and national asylum law and policy developments, as well as of relevant European and national Courts case-law.

In the section Analisi e Comunicati publishes position papers and recommendations on key issues in EU and national policies in the field of asylum.

In the section, Asylum Scholar makes available contributions and masters’ thesis in the matters of asylum law and international protection.

In the section Ricerche it is possible to consult researches developed or supported by AiE, focused on the right of asylum in Italy and on the comparison with the asylum system of other EU member states.

Training and public events.

AiE organizes various training, webinars and public events, targeting professionals as well as the general public.

More specifically, it organises legal and practical training for social workers deployed in Italian reception centres; public conferences on national and European developments for national stakeholders, such as lawyers, social workers and local administrators; and workshops for asylum practitioners and social workers.

Through these activities, AiE engages with relevant national stakeholders, with a view to strengthen professional knowledge on asylum law, share good practices, challenge bad practices and promote the design and implementation of rights-oriented and effective asylum policies. In this way, AiE promotes the protection and inclusion of asylum seekers and refugees by raising the overall awareness, knowledge and expertise of the European and Italian asylum systems.